kdr Gives You 5

5 songs. every wednesday.

Strange Babes - “Holiday” (Holiday)

Nothing much to say about this band, because, honestly, there’s nothing much out there. I know it’s a band that spends time in Auckland and LA and that they’re going on tour with The Naked & Famous pretty soon across the US. This is their first single, and I think the lead singer’s name is Sam. That’s all I got. But this song will be stuck in my head for infinity - beachy and anthemic. 

Noire - “Pilgrims” (Pilgrims)

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this track over the past week. Noire are a trio based in Sydney and this is their only track at this point - it’s gorgeous. Lead singer Jessica Mincher’s smoky vocals really bring this track together. The band is getting ready to release another single soon, it seems, as well as recording and playing some live shows. I want more.

High Tyde - “Get Up Tonight” (Trixx EP)

If you like bands that sound British you’ll like this band (but don’t go to hightyde.com unless you want to see an amazing website from a white rapper from Battle Creek, Michigan). No indeed, High Tyde are a quartet from Brighton that bring to mind The Wombats or Two Door Cinema Club - fun, infectious tracks. The band recently put out their latest EP, Trixx, which, while only being 3 songs long, begs to be listened to. Based on their photos they look super young, so plenty more to come from them I hope!

Vaults - “Premonitions” (Premonitions)

This track is hauntingly beautiful - especially at the beginning with some staggering vocals from singer Blythe Pepino. The track really starts moving around a minute in, echoing some similarly dark female voices - Banks, London Grammar, etc. Vaults (previously Vultures) put out their debut track in September and it’s gotten some major attention for the London trio - this track will just fuel the fire. Expect them to have a big year. 

Big Data - “Dangerous (feat. Joywave)” (1.0)

This song has made some rounds and there’s a good chance you’ve been obsessed with it, like me. Big Data is Alan Wilkis, working in different capacities with other artists. Joywave vocalist Daniel Armbruster has been a particularly strong collaborator and is featured on all 4 tracks of Wilkis’ debut EP, aptly named 1.0. Alan came by my studio the other day to take a few photos and I’ll be catching his live show at Baby’s All Right tomorrow night - lots to be excited about here!

Fickle Friends - “SWIM” (SWIM)

I’m a bit late to the party on this one - seems like a lot of people are talking about Fickle Friends since they released this, their debut track back in January. I heard and loved this track, but in my busyness I forgot to post it - I was reminded when I heard their equally great new track, “Play”, pop up on my Soundcloud feed this week. Fickle Friends are a quintet out of Brighton led by the strong vocals of Natassja Shiner. They’re somewhere between The 1975 and CHVRCHES. Love it.

Linus Young - “Sister” (Sister)

Guy/girl vocals. Can’t beat them if they’re done right - Linus Young does it very well. And no, Linus Young is not either of their names - the group is made up of LA-based Iris Belson and Joseph Walker. The first time I heard them they reminded me of someone, but it took me a minute to figure out that they’re a poppier Civil Wars in a lot of ways - the way their voices meld is just gorgeous. The band released their debut single “City of Sin” last year and then dropped this track just this month. I’m eager to hear more from them - I think they’ve got something really special. Excited to see them whenever they come into town.

Rhodes - “Your Soul” (Your Soul)

I immediately loved this track when I heard it the other day - it’s such a big and enveloping sound and I like everything that’s going on in all directions. Rhodes (not sure on the full name) is from Hitchin, UK, and this is his latest single - his new EP, Morning, is out May 11 - I’m really looking forward to hearing that. He’s getting ready for tour dates throughout Europe with Sam Smith and London Grammar, so he’ll be in good hands.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - “Flaws” (Winter EP)

Though winter is FINALLY behind us, the release of Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s debut EP, Winter, has just come my way. And boy, is it ever beautiful. Brisbane (not Canadian) musician Tim Bettison is the kid behind the music - he’s only 18 (and just turned 18 three days ago), but man, he’s got chops. The band name paints a picture of something wistful and beautiful, and that’s exactly how I’d describe his music. Will he get Bon Iver comparisons? You betcha. Do I love this? Absolutely. 

JUDE. - “Crystal” (Crystal)

The first time I heard this track I sorta thought it was Lorde. I’m not alone on that - singer Sydney Morris’s vocal styling is very, very similar to the New Zealand superstar. This song, the band’s first track, gives a slightly darker and moodier vibe - it’s sexy. Not much else is known about the Florida duo - Kevin James Neal makes up the other half of the group - but this song definitely has them on many A&R and blog watchlists.